Talking Sky - Ojibwe Constellations as a Reflection of Life on the Land

Descriptions of Ojibwe Constellations and their Greek/Roman equivalents
Over 50 illustrations by Carl Gawboy
Numerous Nanaboujou, Wintermaker, and Great Panther stories
Discussion of the relationship between pictographs, constellations, and Ojibwe oral history
Ojibwe stories about meteorites, comets, planets, and the ecliptic
A complete index
A discussion on how the Ojibwe classified animals

Join award-winning authors Carl Gawboy and Ron Morton on a journey of discover and story telling as they explore the night sky of the Ojibwe. From the important seasonal constellations (Moose,Panther,Wintermaker, and Nanaboujou) through wandering wolves, flyings skeletons, and brave fisher to meteors and comets, the authors bring to life the sky world of a northern people. A world that reflected not only the four seasons of the Ojibwe, but also their traditions, stories, religion, science, and day to day living on and with Planet Earth.

Anishinaabe stories of the Moon People

Anishinaabe stories of the Moon People are retold through an experimental steampunk animation by Talking Sky Fan Irish/Anishinaabe/Métis Elizabeth Aileen LaPensée with music by Cree cellist Cris Derksen Go There about: Anishinaabe stories of the Moon People

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